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As the ant queen, you populate your colony with the bravest ants you can muster. Your ants must protect their queen from the evil bees that invade your territory. Irritate the bees enough by throwing leaves at them, and they will be vanquished. Fail to pester the airborne intruders adequately, and your queen will succumb to the bees' wrath. This game is inspired by PopCap Games' Plants Vs. Zombies.

The Ants

Harvester: produces one food each turn

Short Thrower: throws one leaf at most 3 spaces in front.

Long Thrower: throws one leaf after 5 spaces in front.

Fire Ant: massively damages all bees in the same space as itself when it dies.

Hungry Ant: eats a bee whole and spends 3 turns to digest.

Ninja Ant: damages all bees that pass by, but never gets stung.

Wall Ant: does nothing each turn but has strong health.

Bodyguard: contains another ant and protects it from damage.

Tank Ant: is similar to Bodyguard but also deals 1 damage to all bees in its space.

Slow Thrower: throws sticky syrup to apply a slow effect for 3 turns.

Scary Thrower: intimidates a bee and causes it to go backwards for 2 turns. Once a bee has been scared, it cannot be scared again.

Laser Ant: shoots a powerful laser that damages all insects in front. The laser is weakened the farther it travels. Laser Ant has limited battery.

Queen Ant: doubles the damage of all ants behind her while throwing one leaf at the nearest bee in front. There can only be 1 true Queen Ant. If she dies, the bees win.

The Bees

Regular Bee: advances to the end of the tunnel and stings ants in its way.

Wasp: deals higher damage.

Hornet: attacks twice per turn but does less overall damage. Immune to status effects.

Ninja Bee: is capable of moving past all defenses.

Boss Bee: is the leader of the bees showing up near the end. Combines the high damage of the Wasp along with status effect immunity of Hornets. 


Skeleton code developed by CS 61A course staff at UC Berkeley.

Completed and modified by Anh Le.


ants.zip 18 MB

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